We are a pan-India social enterprise, registered under section 8 – a not for profit company. MAITREYA AGRO/ MAI MATI FOUNDATION brings you foods from small farmers of India. From apples of northern Kashmir to the famous Alphonso mangoes of central India, from pineapples of Assam and Kerala to spices of the east, from certified organic produce to naturally grown ancient grains, dried fruit, nuts and spices, complete traceability is ensured, as we work directly with more than 5000 farmers.

MAITREYA AGRO/ MAI MATI FOUNDATION builds communities of small farmers that practice healthy, sustainable farming, all the while with guaranteed, profitable markets. We aim to make good farming profitable. MAI MATI FOUNDATION champions the cause of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and use of RENEWABLE ENERGY, ESPECIALLY SOLAR.

Sustainable development as a concept became widely used in the 1990s. It refers to the wise use of resources within a framework in which environmental, economic and social factors are integrated. It is about maintaining and improving the quality of life while safeguarding the quality of life of generations to come. It is development that ensures that the use of resources and the environment today does not restrict their use by future generations. There are many dimensions to sustainability. First it requires the elimination of poverty and deprivation. Second, it requires the conservation and enhancement of the resource base, which alone can ensure that the elimination of poverty is permanent.

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