Greetings from your food mitra!!

I went live on Facebook on Saturday. It was a humbling experience. I would like to continue talking about following, an organic diet here.

My chief worry in promoting organic is the inaccessibility in terms of price and convenience. I remember a client telling me that she has to go to 10 different shops to fulfill her kitchen needs. That is so true. No shop offers a complete organic alternative. Either there are pulses, but not all of them. Either there’s potato, but no ginger. There are some vegetables, but no greens; watermelons, but no mangoes …the list is long.

So what should I advocate?

I ask you to go the extra mile – but eat organic.

Buy whatever, wherever it is available. Or grow it.

But know your supplier and know your food.

Read labels, question the seller. If they take offence, it means they are trying to fool you – as simple as that.

Yes, grow whatever you can. If you have one pot of roses, the need of the hour is to get rid of them and plant something you use daily. Coriander leaves are easy to grow, as is mint. Once you start growing, you will learn on your own. There are many vibrant Terrace gardening groups on FB. Knowledge is shared, so are plants.

I know it’s difficult for women today, as they have multiple role to play, but involve your family – it’s either this, or face a whole lot of health issues. Children’s mental and physical growth is at stake.

I am reiterating – the bad news – we lost our last male northern white rhino – we literally witnessed the extinction of another species.

Plus, we recently celebrated World Earth Day. Is there any point in declaring one day for the Earth? There is no doubt that we need 365 Earth days!

We need to treat each day as Earth day and what better way than to grow organic and encourage organic?

Organic planting saves the earth from chemicals.

With every blog, we share one recipe, this time we have Pesarattu (Green Gram Dosa)

for you

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Be well, be happy! Stay tuned, With love from-

Your Food Mitra,