Kisaan Maitreya is an organically grown, 100% chemical-free brand of agricultural produce brought to you by the Maitreya Agro / Mai Mati Foundation. The produce is grown using good farming practices based on the values of sustainable agriculture that ensure the use of natural fertilisers, water conservation through smart irrigation techniques, rejection of harmful pesticides and regeneration of soil by selective planting. The wholesome, nutritious produce is certified by well-known laboratories and is transparently traceable to the farm of origin. The result is healthy, 100% chemical-free food for people, a better tomorrow for farmers and a healthy, prosperous India.


Kavita Kowshik is the founder of Maitreya Agro & Mai Mati Foundation, an NGO engaged in improving the lives of small farmers in India. She is the guiding light behind the Kisaan Maitreya brand, a successful entrepreneur and a passionately committed social worker for over 30 years. Kavita’s life mission is to help small, marginalised farmers in India have a better tomorrow. She works tirelessly with farmers across India, training them in good farming practices to grow healthy organic produce, creating public awareness about the health benefits of their products and facilitating a fair price for their sweat and toil. Kavita wears many hats effortlessly – Facilitator, Trainer, Social Worker, Executive Director – AAH India, Certified Social Accountant & Social Auditor, Certified Environmental Impact Assessor, and Business Entrepreneur.

She started her career as the Community Development Officer of Bharat Forge Ltd., effectively establishing what would today be called a ‘CSR’ program. 30 years later, the program still runs. She has also been involved with prison reforms and prisoners’ rights. Her most notable work, however, has been the reformation of a rural criminal tribe, the Kanjarbhats. The Kanjarbhats were successfully introduced to a means of livelihood as an alternative to the criminal activities they were engaged in, along with a variety of other activities to assimilate them into society. She was awarded the Jampolsky Award (2000) in the USA for this. She has an innate capacity to perceive social needs and the ability to mobilize resources in order to meet those needs to the optimum satisfaction of all stakeholders.



Maitreya Agro/ Mai Mati Foundation is a pan-India Social Enterprise, registered under section 8 – a not for profit company. It builds communities of small farmers that practice healthy, sustainable farming, with the aim of making good farming profitable. The produce is completely organic and certified by recognized labs transparently traceable to the farm of origin. The foundation champions the cause of sustainable development and use of renewable energy, especially solar, to ensure that the use of resources and the environment today does not restrict their use by future generations.

Maitreya Agro/ Mai Mati Foundation’s mission is food security. Due to fragmentation of land, urbanisation and migration, the farmland areas are depleted and we face food insecurity in the near future. The FAO forecasts that farmers all over the world will have to increase food production by 70% to feed the world daily. Maitreya Agro/ Mai Mati Foundation intends to make this their mission by deploying both new models and technology transfer through self-sustainable solutions.